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In seventh grade, we will have the opportunity to view the past of "The Land of the Free." This year, we will concentrate on learning about America's past. This will be a very important year because students will be expected to pass the Constitution Test. Some of the topics we will study include:

The Declaration of Independance

The American Revolution

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

The Three Branches of Government

The Growth of American Democracy

Acquiring States

This year during our study, the 7th grade students will go on a very exciting field trip. THEY WILL BE GOING ALL THE WAY TO SPRINGFIELD!!! They will have a first hand experience to the topics they have studied. They will visit Lincoln's tomb and other museums based on America's past.  

Further information on the Springfield trip will be provided throughout the school year.

We look forward to exploring through these hands-on experiences ! :)


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In the first quarter, we will start by reviewing the American Revolution. Then, we will concentrate on studying the Constitution since students will be expected to pass the Constitution test in the first quarter.

    As part of this study, lawyers will be visiting our classroom to further the           student's knowledge on the Department of Justice. Lawyers will be answering       questions regarding laws and explaining how the the Bill of Rights affects our      daily lives.

    Students will work in groups to create hands-on projects and conduct mini-          inquiry research using the ipads.

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