Social Studies


    In eighth grade, we will continue learning about America's past, picking up where we left off in seventh grade. Some of the topics we will study include:

The Events Leading to the Civil War

The Civil War

The Reconstruction Era


20th Century Immigration

The Progressive Era

Current Events

     This year during class, there will be a great variety of learning opportunities including small group discussions, presentations and projects. Students will also participate in debates on the topics in which we are studying in class. These varied techniques will help students grasp an understanding of America's past no matter what learning style they prefer.  

We look forward to exploring through these hands-on experiences ! :)


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In the first quarter, we will start by reviewing the material the students learned in seventh grade. After the review, we will concentrate on studying the lead up and climax of the Civil War.

     As part of this study, students will study the geography, transportation, economy, society, and leadership of both the Union and the Confederacy. A large part of this unit will consist on information on the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

     Students will work in groups to create hands-on projects and conduct mini-inquiry research using the iPads.

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